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Fruit and vegetables in San Valentino Torio in the Sarno Valley

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Fruit and vegetables in San Valentino Torio in the Sarno Valley



Fruit and vegetables in San Valentino Torio


High quality, natural and healthy produce have gained renewed importance on the market. Customers have realized how a product grown with passion tastes better and is healthier, in addition to satisfying the farmer. Why eating food produced to the detriment of nature, mistreated for profit purposes, and forgetting the beauty of a natural agriculture? 

This has been the core of our company’s activity for over twenty years. Production, trade, development and research have relied upon that concept since the company’s establishment, aiming at constantly improving the quality of produce and providing customers with enhanced flavour. Thanks to our competence, dedication to land and respect in manufacturing our products, as well as the way we relate to customers, the Rendina Rosa company has successfully established itself has one of the most important companies in Italy in the production and processing of fruit and vegetables. However, it has never stopped to be as humble and simple as it was when it started its own business as a little greengrocer’s shop in San Valentino Torio.
Our company boasts extensive experience in fruit and vegetables, in-depth acquaintance with cultivation and transformation and great respect for the products manufactured and placed on the market.
Visit our website and find out the products that we offer and the services made available, all part of a wonderful world where nature and love donate tasty unique products.

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The Rendina Rosa company continuously aims at the quality of its products and services. The entire production process is therefore under the technical staff’s supervision. Their competence and experience ensures the quality of all products, both fruit and vegetables. The structure is spread over an area of about 10,000 square metres. The modern and efficient production establishment, which measures 1,000 square metres, includes efficient washing facilities to clean fruit and vegetables and modern cooling systems to keep products fresh. The whole production process is designed to guarantee a substantial shelf life potential, i.e. the length of time the product may be sold while maintaining its freshness and taste. The shelf life is determined through laboratory tests estimating organoleptic, chemical and bacteriological factors having an impact on fruit and vegetables. So, it is possible to determine the time span during which the product keeps its characteristics unchanged, thus allowing you to cook and savour the produce as if they where freshly harvested. Thanks to its own fleet of vehicles the Rendina Rosa company located in San Valentino Torio, delivers fresh fruit and vegetables across Italy whilst ensuring that each and every client’s needs are fully met. Rendina Rosa is here to make all customers enjoy tasty, safe and natural products.

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Following the entry into force of the law on traceability and tracing on 1 January 2005 under Reg. EC 178/2002, the Rendina Rosa Fruit and Vegetable company in san Valentino Torio has developed meticulous procedures of a total guarantee to ensure accurate information on products at every step of their entire operational process, from their arrival at the company until their departure for delivery destination.

- The T&T follows items through the supply chain, through carriers and distribution/storage facilities and enables the prompt exchange of information at any level and stage across the logistics chain.
- The traceability service makes it possible to follow the path of a product (referring to lot, case or pallet) across the supply chain by means of a system of information.
- Tracing allows to retrace the logistics history of a product, at any level of production.

All the services have been made available in our company in order to constantly provide the customers with the information about the location of a single item, thus significantly reducing fluctuations that cause firms dangerous misalignment between information and logistics flows. Thanks to Rendina Rosa’s unique and professional services you will always keep track of all the information concerning production and transportation in order to have a better command of them.

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The food sector encompasses countless nuances and different details. It’s impossible to give a full description of the wide range of services and products that we offer. In addition, we know that each person is different from the other ones as a mix of wishes, needs that make him/her unique and deserving tailored services and specific high quality produce. That’s why we invite you to contact us. We’ll ponder each customer’s specific needs. We are at your disposal for any kind of information you may request: available products, shipping methods, quantities – no question is needless. Our experienced staff are at your disposal to answer any questions. Our highly-qualified personnel, who have gained a great deal of expertise through passion and direct contact with land, are glad to be at your service.