Fruits and vegetables
in San Valentino Torio


The food sector encompasses countless nuances and different details. That’s a wide, complex, amazing world if we consider the range of produce it offers to man, who feels lucky, astonished at the idea of how many gifts the earth gives us. If you just till the soil with respect and patience, you will discover that flavour and happiness are very close to us. Seeing a plant you’ve taken care of for a long time thriving and bearing fruit makes us feel proud and gives us the joy to offer the fruits to customers, so that they may enjoy them too when having a meal. High quality ingredients make for unique, outstanding dishes.

Cultivating and tasting natural products brings incredible feelings. But we cannot forget that growing crops needs care and solicitude, different from plant to plant, that only skilful people working with passion may offer. This is the way we operate on our fields in San Valentino Torio. Our twenty-year experience allows us to offer top-quality products. Continuous research aiming at the development of new technologies improving our work without spoiling the products we offer accounts for the guarantee of a professional service.

The fruits and vegetables produced in San Valentino Torio by the Rendina Rosa company are those typical of the enchanting area of the agro nocerino sarnese, such as the patate novelle campane, the cipollotto Nocerino and the friarielli. The products have a long history behind, grown for centuries by passionate peasants who have improved farming techniques, thus enhancing their quality and flavour. Besides traditional products, we offer a wide range of vegetables such as:

- San Marzano tomatoes (produced from late may to late october);
- cherry tomatoes (from late may to late october);
- endives (all year round);
- onions (all year round);
- romaine lettuce (all year round);
- piccadilly tomatoes (from late may to late october);
- cappuccina lettuce (all year round).

These are the most important crops on our fields, all natural crops raised with love for land and respect for territory and each plant. Relying on old traditions handed down by our ancestors, we have addressed to new technologies to improve production and make working conditions easier, always bearing in mind the deep bond with our beloved earth. In each fruit or vegetable you can savour the love and passion we put day by day into our produce when growing crops in order to attain the highest quality possible, always with a smile, thus proving our joy in doing what we love.

Visit our facilities or contact us. We are completely at your disposal if you need information on our wide range of products. We know that each person is different from the other ones as a mix of wishes, needs that make him/her unique and deserving tailored services and specific high quality produce. That’s why we invite you to contact us. We’ll ponder each customer’s specific needs. We are at your disposal for any kind of information you may request: available fruits and vegetables in San Valentino Torio, shipping methods, quantities – no question is needless. Our experienced staff is at your disposal to answer any questions. Our highly-qualified personnel, who have gained a great deal of expertise through passion and direct contact with land, are glad to be at your service.