Product traceability
in San Valentino Torio


The value of transparency has always been the core of the Rendina Rosa company’s activity. All information concerning cultivation, production, transportation of our products are continuously at disposal of those customers who want to learn something more about a fruit or a vegetable. Professionalism and experience, as well as respect for land and our crops prompt transparent attitudes.
With our fleet of vehicles shipping operations have never been a problem. Swift vehicles, as it is needed in food logistics, having safety as a major priority to be sure to receive goods. Our packaged products have travelled safely and swiftly across Italy, thus satisfying our customers scattered around the nation. Our modern fleet of vehicles, constantly undergoing thorough checks, allows to receive rapidly the goods purchased. The skilled personnel managing transport love their job. Thus, their primary goal is to carry out timely deliveries of intact goods. Customers’ joy is a delight beyond words. Despite our professionalism in timely delivery services, however, transport operations may often bring about concerns. For, customers’ uncertainty about when exactly the products are going to arrive, may result in organizational problems in their businesses.

That’s why, in order to offer a high-quality competitive service, taking advantage of the opportunities given to businesses like ours by the law on traceability and tracing entered into force on 1 January 2005, under Reg. EC 178/2002, we have chosen to significantly improve our shipping structure. The product traceability of Rendina Rosa Fruit and Vegetable company in san Valentino Torio has developed meticulous procedures of a total guarantee to ensure accurate information on products at every step of their entire operational process, from their arrival at the company until their departure for delivery destination.

- The T&T follows items through the supply chain, through carriers and distribution/storage facilities and enables the prompt exchange of information at any level and stage across the logistics chain.
- The traceability service makes it possible to follow the path of a product (referring to lot, case or pallet) across the supply chain by means of a system of information.
- Tracing allows to retrace the logistics history of a product, at any level of production.

All the services have been made available in our company in order to constantly provide the customers with the information about the location of a single item, thus significantly reducing fluctuations that cause firms dangerous misalignment between information and logistics flows. Thanks to Rendina Rosa’s unique and professional services you will always keep track of all the information concerning production and transportation in order to have a better command of them.